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Graphic printing information..

Below is some useful graphic information that can be used when selecting your graphic type!

Full-Color Imprint

Our reliable full-color imprints consist of an eco-solvent print on heat transfer material. By printing on the transfer material, we can produce a wide range of colors and even accurately replicate PMS colors. Full-color imprinting on dyed polyester is ideal for table throws, event tents, seatbacks and more.

UV-Cured Ink

We print on the surface of the media with ink that is then cured using UV lights. This process creates an extremely durable print finish. UV-cured ink printing is excellent for rigid substrates and outdoor applications such as vinyl banners.

Latex Ink

Latex ink is extremely durable and versatile, offering great color and detail at high resolutions. It resists fading from sunlight better than any other process, and it prints on most types of flexible media, including vinyl banner material. Latex ink is great for retractable banner films and fabrics.

Paper-Transfer Dye Sublimation

Paper-transfer dye sublimation is a great way to print photorealistic images to fabric. Aqueous ink is imbedded into a layer of coating on the transfer paper, which is then applied to polyester fabric. With heat and pressure, the ink permanently becomes part of the fabric. Dye sublimation is ideal for table throws, flags, fabric displays, event tents and more.

Direct-to-Fabric Dye Sublimation

With this print method, aqueous ink is applied to specially coated polyester fabric. The ink is then sublimated into the fabric with heat, so the ink reverts back to a liquid state to permanently become part of the fabric. Our direct-to-fabric technology produces imagery that rivals the quality of paper-transfer images. Dye sublimation is ideal for table throws, flags, fabric displays, event tents and more.

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